First Things First

 IMG_1440-e1404162799586-200x150 First Things First

Get a Journal I strongly encourage you to purchase a journal or notebook to write down your thoughts and feelings as you go through this series. I have found this to be one of the most effective tools that I use. Be your own best friend The benefits of therapeutic journaling…

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We See What We Seek

 images-through-glasses-223x150 We See What We Seek

What do you see? We live in a world where there are plenty of things to notice: Things that are exciting, things that are pleasing, things that are heartwarming, things that instill love and hope. There are also things that are baffling, disheartening, or downright disturbing. Things that corrupt, things…

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When will NOW be the RIGHT time to change your life?

 Dog-on-porch-196x150 When will NOW be the RIGHT time to change your life?

I once heard a story about a man who went to visit a friend. While chatting outside with his friend, the man noticed a dog laying on the porch. Every once in awhile, the dog would let out a painful whine. After a few minutes, the man remarked, “I can’t…

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You’ve Got to Own It

 awakening-buddyhuggins2-250x150 You've Got to Own It

The first key to personal empowerment is awareness. If you aren’t aware that something needs to change, how can you change it? If you are unaware that you have a problem or turn a blind eye to poor behaviors, you will never be enabled to move forward in life, creating…

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