True Healing

 252444_10150219171077355_70630972354_7316241_7684580_n-250x134 True Healing

When I was 18, I had embarrassing acne. It bothered me, so I sought a doctor’s advice. At this time in my young life, I thought that doctors knew everything and that I should do exactly as they say without question. My dermatologist suggested that I take Tetracycline to cure…

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Things Will Get Better

 dreamstime_5046273-100x150 Things Will Get Better

In 2013, I had several surgical procedures done at one time, requiring 6 to 8+ weeks of healing time. The first three weeks, I expected to feel pain and fatigue, but the second three weeks I was a little discouraged expecting to be feeling better by now. As each day passed, and eager…

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A Blog Is Born, A Place for Love and Light

 Logo-new-blue-209x150 A Blog Is Born, A Place for Love and Light

For the past seven years, I have had the privilege to meet with many individuals to facilitate healing energy work and personal empowerment coaching. It’s been joyful, amazing, enlightening, miraculous and a great privilege. At times, It has also been challenging, overwhelming, and, if I’m not careful, draining. The techniques…

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