We See What We Seek

 images-through-glasses-223x150 We See What We Seek

What do you see? We live in a world where there are plenty of things to notice: Things that are exciting, things that are pleasing, things that are heartwarming, things that instill love and hope. There are also things that are baffling, disheartening, or downright disturbing. Things that corrupt, things…

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Things Will Get Better

 dreamstime_5046273-100x150 Things Will Get Better

In 2013, I had several surgical procedures done at one time, requiring 6 to 8+ weeks of healing time. The first three weeks, I expected to feel pain and fatigue, but the second three weeks I was a little discouraged expecting to be feeling better by now. As each day passed, and eager…

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A Blog Is Born, A Place for Love and Light

 Logo-new-blue-209x150 A Blog Is Born, A Place for Love and Light

For the past seven years, I have had the privilege to meet with many individuals to facilitate healing energy work and personal empowerment coaching. It’s been joyful, amazing, enlightening, miraculous and a great privilege. At times, It has also been challenging, overwhelming, and, if I’m not careful, draining. The techniques…

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