How my experiences led me to Life Coaching

As a Life Coach, a Faith-Based Mentor, and a Light Worker, I am a genuinely happy and optimistic soul!

Oftentimes, we see happy people and conclude that life is easy for them, or that they haven't experienced the harsh realities of this world. For me, nothing could be further from the truth and I suspect the same is true for countless others who have learned to genuinely embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly and find meaning in all of it.

I've had a lifetime of, well, let's just call them opportunities to learn and grow ...

In my younger years, I experienced painful shyness and sensitivity, low self-esteem, the loss of a beloved sister, my parents' bankruptcy--and their subsequent escape from all the painful memories by leaving my childhood home in California when I was 13, and moving us five times before I even graduated high school. The last was our third out-of-state move (from Missouri to Arkansas, and then, finally, to my beloved state of Texas), which happened to be in the middle of my senior year!

I began working full-time at 16 in order to purchase my own beater car and so that I could have normal teenage things like a yearbook, a class ring, and decent clothes. I never minded being self-reliant, but during this time, I struggled emotionally to find meaning in the seemingly endless trials my family faced and hope for a better future. It was a challenging time.

But, nothing that would compare with what was to come ...

My experiences in adulthood would include the betrayal of a trusted spouse, the emotional abuse of a second spouse (experienced, sadly, by not only me, but my two young children), two devastating divorces, seven years of single parenthood, struggling to get by with a low income job, feeling alone and unsupported, loss of loved ones, rejection, and several long-term bouts of depression.

After the blessing of finding my spouse of now 21 years, together we would experience the challenges of blending a family, infertility, miscarriage, job loss, long-term unemployment, financial uncertainty, teens in crisis, numerous health challenges, and other sensitive issues.

I have loved ones who've struggled with mental health disorders, gender dysphoria, same sex attraction, drug and alcohol addiction, imprisonment, depression, anxiety, and more.

It might've been easier to list the things I haven't experienced.

But, one thing is for sure ... I am no stranger to heartbreak, sorrow, disappointment, and frustration. Yet, I don't share this to gain your sympathy. I don't feel sorry for myself and neither should you!

The truth of it is, I've grown in tremendous ways. I've experienced many miracles, both small and mighty! That's the best part and I can't wait to share the valuable insights I've gained with you. Yes, mixed in with the pain and sorrow, there have been many joy-filled moments and heavenly witnesses that God knows me and loves me more than I can possibly know.

I can more easily see how ALL things have been working together for my good. These very experiences have led me to greater confidence, resilience, fortitude and strength. They've shaped me into someone I like, who genuinely cares for others, and hopes to make a difference in this world.

I've learned that happiness is a choice, in good times and in bad, and that I am worthy and deserving of it ... and so are YOU. Many times, I see people going through hard times who feel so beaten down they scarcely have the will to keep going. They wonder, "Is it all worth it?"

I'm here to tell you ... YES! It absolutely IS worth it! I hope to reflect to you the same light that has shown me the way, that beckons us time and time again to rise up and keep moving forward in faith. YOU are worth it. You ARE important. You are needed. And YOU MATTER.

My hope is to empower you with the principles, tools, and techniques that create genuine happiness and fulfillment in life and the determination and strength to keep going, even when it seems nothing is going right.

My ultimate goal is to empower you to help yourself by understanding key truths and developing lifelong skills to safely and effectively navigate the inevitable storms of life, and discover meaning in the midst of them.

My life experiences have afforded me priceless knowledge, charity, and compassion that I'm not sure I could have gained in any other way.

Now, I am blessed with the gift to see the potential and goodness in others. I can help you to identify negative thoughts or energetic blocks that may be hindering your progress, and teach you how to eliminate them yourself. I can help you identify your core values and goals, discover your purpose, remove barriers to success, and share with you the principles that will help you better overcome the challenges in your life.

If you just need a little boost, there are plenty of insights, resources, tools, and product recommendations here that you might find helpful. In addition, I'll soon be adding affordable self-coaching courses.

But, if you're ready to break through some barriers and move to the next level in any area of your life, I'd love to coach you through it.

Every Day Better and Better  About Me

Why I might be the right coach for you

I am rather good at overcoming adversity. I’ve experienced plenty of it. The beauty in it is what I’ve gained from it. I discovered that true joy can only be experienced and appreciated by knowing its opposite—sorrow, and that only comes through adversity. The downside is that adversity can sometimes cripple us and we lose our way. As a coach, I can help you get back on your path to happiness and fulfillment, and teach you the principles to stay on that path.

We are not defined by what happens to us, but rather by the character we develop in response to it. It’s all part of the God’s great plan of happiness for His children. In fact, I believe it IS the plan. When you look at life through this filter, you begin to see things in a different light.

When we experience hard things, the accompanying pain is inevitable, but misery is optional. I know, because I used to be miserable when I didn’t know any better. But, life is a great teacher, offering new perspectives and greater understanding. I can show you how to face your particular challenges with courage and fortitude.

As a coach, I can help you identify and overcome personal obstacles, including self-sabotage. I’ll help you gain clarity about who you are and what you want to accomplish in life. I’ll share empowering principles that awaken the knowledge and power you already have within. And I’ll offer insights and tools that can help you on your journey to improve every day, in every way.

As your advocate and guide, I aim to empower YOU to create your best life. I believe in the magnificence and divinity of your spirit. I want to see you live an empowered life. When you are empowered, you will likely want to pay it forward. Together, we can do our part to make this world a better place.

Please note: My role, as your coach, will NOT be to “fix” you or be your best friend, but to facilitate change, navigating you toward a more satisfying future and empowering you to become your own best friend! I hope to coach myself out of a job by inspiring you with confidence to reach your goals, through your own efforts and steady improvement. We’ll work together to develop your vision in a realm of infinite possibilities. If you are looking for someone to hold you accountable in a loving and compassionate manner as you take the steps necessary to grow and create a more fulfilling life, then I might be the right coach for you!


What you can expect from Coaching Sessions with me

Unlike a friend who pats you on the back, and tells you what you want to hear, you can expect a professional coaching relationship. My role is to be a trusted mentor who offers a broader perspective through the emotional distance a professional relationship offers.

You can expect me to freely share my knowledge, skills, insights, tools, and techniques with passion and encouragement.

Together, we will identify your core values and beliefs. We'll determine personal goals that best align with your values and vision for your future.

I will guide you to create your own plan of action and a strategy toward your defined outcomes. You can expect me to remain focused on your outcome without becoming attached to it.

I will hold you accountable to take inspired action in your own life, complete tasks we determine will be helpful, and to play an active role in creating your best life.

During a typical 50-minute session, you can expect any of the following:

  • Clarify intentions, anticipated outcomes, and life goals.
  • Identify poor habits and other impediments to your success. Create strategies to develop empowering habits.
  • Uncover false, negative, or limiting beliefs, reframing them through personalized positive power statements and other techniques.
  • Bring to light and release mental/energetic blocks and barriers to your success or happiness.
  • Discover and enhance your unique gifts and talents.
  • Discuss your individual life challenges and explore practical solutions to overcome them.
  • Eliminate anxiety and fears through the implementation of practical tools and techniques.
  • Develop greater clarity and a clear vision for your future.
  • An assignment at the end of every session.

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