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Hi, I'm Trudy!

I'm a life coach, a faith-based mentor, an energy healing practitioner, and a genuinely hopeful and happy person.

I am a wife and mother of four wonderful human beings, three darling grandchildren, and one crazy little dog. My life has been an eventful journey, with lots of ups and downs and everything in between.

I’ve always loved learning and life has been my greatest teacher. I overcame victim mentality in my 20s, learned to manifest miracles in my 30s, and had a great spiritual awakening in my 40s, where I discovered and mastered several energy healing modalities, helpful coping skills and tools, and many life-changing principles.

It brings me great joy and satisfaction to share this with others through coaching and I’ve been privileged to do so over the past eleven years.

I have been blessed with the gift of love for you and for all of God’s children.

I have the ability to see and appreciate your unique potential and divine purpose.

I have been gifted with an open-mind that sees many possibilities through experience, insight, and intuition.

I am skilled in clearing negative energies using several different healing modalities.

I can identify negative habits, thoughts, and behaviors (even those that may have been inherited) and effect positive change.

I am a seeker of truth, light, and inner peace and I seek to find the good in everyone.

I know that lasting happiness is truly found by embracing virtues like faith, hope, love, and forgiveness.

I am here to empower you to be your own best friend and advocate in all areas of your life.

You already have everything you truly need within. Let me help you discover it for yourself!

29Years Personal Development
13Years in Energy Work
11Years Coaching
5Energy Healing Modalities

What are the benefits of working with a Life Coach?


A coach can help you define your core values, determine what you really want, create a vision for your future, and set goals that are in alignment with your values and vision.


A coach can identify obstacles and hidden saboteurs, guide you in releasing or overcoming them, help you see options and possibilities, and assist you in strategizing.


A coach can empower you to take ownership of your life, instill confidence in your abilities, help you overcome self-doubt, provide helpful feedback, and monitor your progress.


A coach can empower you with knowledge, inspire you to take action, motivate you to stretch and grow, encourage you to stay the course, and celebrate your wins.

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